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about us

East Boston Dog Walking Co. was established in July 2016 after it's owner, Andrew Marsh was hanging out on the beach with his dog one day. He saw the pure joy in Stella's eyes as she ran up and down the sandy beach, frolicked in the water and kept bringing him soggy sticks from the ocean. As the sun went down that day, Stella sat beside him and they watched the sun go down together. The next day, Andrew decided he was going to open up his own dog walking company. 

At East Boston Dog Walking Co, we strive to give our client's furry friends the best times of their lives. We ensure proper safety measures in all cases. We are certified in Pet first aid and CPR, and we are bonded and insured. At East Boston Dog Walking Co, our clients just aren't clients, they are our family. We strive to make relationships with all of our amazing customers and hope for you to be apart of our family one day!



Our Services


Private walk

This type of walk is best for dogs who have behavioral issues, are too timid to be with other dogs, or simply just want to walk solo.  We ensure that our walk together will be the best part of your dogs afternoon while you're away.


Pack Walk

This walk has a limit of 3 dogs. At East Boston Dog Walking Co, we feel that a three dog limit is perfect for our pack walks. More than three dogs can lead to your pup not having the best experience since they typically get less attention in larger groups. We always strive to give your best friend the best, and most fun experience on our walks. 

Poop Scooping

Does your furry friend poop all over your new freshly cut yard? Well, we offer to pick up your pups doo doo for a small fee so you don't have to!






Semi-Private Walk

This type of walk provides socialization for dogs who want to have another friend around. On this type of walk, there is a 2 dog limit so your best friend can socialize with his or her new buddy. 



Sunday "Urban Hiking" Experience

On a limited basis, we offer "Urban Hiking" on Sundays. We start in the Orient Heights section of East Boston, hike up the hill to the famous Madonna statue, walk through Belle Isle Marsh, and then hit Beachmont in Revere. We then head back to Eastie after resting at the beach. The span of time for this service varies between 2 and 3 hours. 

*Please note: This service is only available in the Spring and Summer months weather permitting. Please ask about rates. 

A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than himself
— Josh Billings





Hour Walk

For our hour long walks, we charge a low price of $20 dollars per hour. 


Half Hour Walk

For our half hour walks, we charge a low price of $16 dollars per half hour.




Do you have a cat or a small animal that needs to be loved and taken care of while you're away? Or, did you run into an emergency and you have to have someone check on your furry friend to make sure he/she is okay? Well, we offer 30 minute check in services. Add $10 for an hour. 




Did you lose your keys or lock yourself out? We offer to head to your house to drop off your spare key that you have given us for a low price of $15.



Poop Scooping

 We offer to pick up your doggys doo doo for a low cost of $20 per yard. 



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